Ride with the T-6 Thunder Team!
Take a flight through history,
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Pictures by Max Haynes
Here's an essay on what it's like to fly
with the T-6 Thunder flight team.
You'll be briefed by your pilot on all safety procedures and you will actually strap on a working parachute and be shown how to use it. Statistically though, the most dangerous part of your adventure will be the drive home with your head still in the clouds.
Once you are securely buckled in and ready to go, the pilot will fire up the engine and begin the warm up. When flying as a team, the planes all start up together. It's very exciting when all four planes begin to roar as one.
You might want to have your canopy slid open at this point for great pictures taken by a friend or relative.
The pilot will weave the plane back and forth while taxiing so that he can see out the sides. He can't see straight forward when the plane is on the ground.
Once the planes are on the runway, a final pre-flight check is done and the planes take off one by one in quick succession. You'll have headphones on and will be able to hear the pilots talking to the control tower and to each other.
The pilot is directly in front of you and will check on you to make sure you are comfortable.
The plane will quickly leave the runway and away you'll go, transported up into the sky and back into history. Photographer Max Haynes.
Much of the T-6 Thunder flying and practice is done nearby so you'll probably see great views of the Twin Cities.
Be sure to bring a camera but remember to shut off your flash so that you don't get reflections in the window.
If you feel comfortable with the idea, you can slide back the canopy and fly in an open cockpit!