Before long we are joined by the fourth airplane in our formation, owned and flown by Bruce Olson who was kind enough to take me up the last time I flew in a T-6.
The three airplanes come out on the runway together and take off almost simultaneously.
Tim Jackson, Tim Barzen and Bob Wright, the chief mechanic for the Harvard, were huddled over the engine as Bob explained some detail to the pilots.
As our formation breaks up I get a glimpse of what the folks on the ground have seen, the classic shapes of these historic WWII airplanes zooming overhead. What a great way to spend an afternoon!!

images by Max Haynes
Chuck's plane is equipped with a smoke producer that marks our pass over the city.
The call came in 'out of the blue', it was Tim Barzen on the line- "Max, are you busy? We're doing a flyover of Northfield this afternoon. Do you want to go flying? " What a silly question, an hour later I was in the CAF hangar
at Fleming Field in South St.Paul.
There are few things more exciting to me than flying with other planes in close proximity. It's even better when the cockpit window is slid open so you can get clear and unobstructed shots. Scott and the Red Nose fly just off our wing as we pass over Minneapolis.
Scott Romuld and Tim discuss the game plan at Anoka County Airport.
Bob gave Tim a few last minute advisements before the engine fired up and we headed off to meet the rest of our flyover team for the day.
It's a little tricky to get all four planes of a formation in the same picture when you are in one of the planes but here we are, turning in preparation for our first pass over Northfield.
Pilot Chuck Datko is flying lead today. Every aspect of the presentation must be worked out before the pilots take off. Like dance steps, each action they take must be choreographed for safety.
Below, in the town center, spectators look up to see us pass.
The hangar was bustling with mechanics and pilots and other folks cleaning planes and working on projects of one kind or another.
Those that fly the T-6 in formation are a special breed of pilot with steely nerves and exacting flying skills. It's a pretty small club.
Despite the fact that there is a bit of turbulence bouncing us around the pilots keep in near perfect formation during this turn.